Car Maintenance Tips to Avoid Costly Repairs

car maintenance tips

There’s no denying that keeping up with your car’s maintenance can be a real pain. For example, between every 5,000 to 7,500 miles you have to get your oil changed and tires rotated. As every car owner can agree, this can be quite annoying. However, keeping your car in good condition is well worth it in the long run.

In fact, taking care of your car can help make it last a lot longer. It’ll also cost you less since you aren’t having to make major repairs all the time. You may even get better rates on your auto insurance since you’ll be less likely to file a claim.

Would you rather cover costly repairs because you neglected your car’s maintenance or pay a little bit over time to prevent problems from occurring? I’m sure you’d choose the second option!

In this article, we’re discussing some car maintenance tips that’ll extend the life of your vehicle and help you avoid costly repairs. Let’s begin.

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What to Do When Your Car Insurance Lapses in Georgia

car insurance lapses

Car insurance can save you a fortune in the event of an unwanted incident. Thus, when you purchase a new car, make sure you get it insured by a reliable company. If by chance you forget to pay your bill and your car insurance lapses, you should take immediate action. Most companies allow you a 10 to 20 day grace period to pay before they cancel your policy. If you still neglect to pay your premium then your insurance will lapse which can hurt you in the long run. Oftentimes your rates will increase and insurers will deem you high-risk or even refuse to insure you. That’s why you should always pay your car insurance premiums on time.

Driving without the minimum required insurance has numerous consequences such as license suspension, fines, and tickets. The penalty for an insurance lapse is quite severe in Georgia. Thus, it’s best to keep track of your car insurance bills to avoid a lapse in coverage.

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How to Lower Your Car Insurance Rates in Georgia

lower your car insurance rates

Car insurance plays a vital role in keeping us safe from financial burdens due to accidents and mishaps. It’s a major reason why we put a huge emphasis on selecting the right insurance company and coverage. To do this, you need to shop around and evaluate your various options.

Affordable car insurance rates can be a bit challenging to find. However, using the tips in this article can help you lower your rates in Georgia and save you money. Let’s begin.

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What to Do after a Car Accident in Georgia

car accident in georgia

Your actions right after a car accident in Georgia matter a lot. We understand that a car accident may naturally cause people to panic. But, it’s wise to stay calm as it will help you manage the situation better.

Your job after an accident is to make sure you and the other driver are okay. You should call 911 to report the accident and inform them on whether or not anyone’s injured. In this article, we will discuss in detail the steps to follow after a car accident in Georgia. What you do can directly impact the claims process and possibly prolong it.

Here’s what you need to know.

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Does My Credit Affect My Car Insurance Rates in Georgia?

I-85 in Atlanta

Credit scores can affect your car insurance rates because they represent your ability to pay your premiums on time. Insurers see a low credit score as a risk factor. Most states will adjust their rates based on whether or not you have good credit. However, some states like Hawaii and California don’t consider credit scores when determining your rates.

In the table below you can see how a low credit score has a negative impact on your auto insurance rates in the state of Georgia. In this article, we will discuss how credit and other factors can affect your car insurance rates in Georgia.

Provider Poor credit Average credit Good credit Excellent credit
State average $3,143 $2,200 $1,982 $1,859
National average $3,873 $1,865 $1,674 $1,487

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Car Insurance Rates in Georgia

atlanta highway

Georgia recorded around 4,999 road accidents in 2020 alone. Most of these accidents occurred due to speeding, running red lights, and carelessness. Therefore, people rely on insurance to keep themselves financially safe. However, the rates can be quite high. On average, you’ll pay $756 for minimum coverage and $1,982 if you want full coverage. However, you don’t have to pay this much if you follow the right approach.

In this article, we’ll help you understand how car insurance in Georgia works and the smartest way to get an affordable policy.

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Winter Driving Safety Precautions

A variety of winter weather conditions—including snow, slush, ice and sleet—can create hazards on the road. In fact, the U.S. Department of Transportation estimates that crashes stemming from these conditions result in 116,800 injuries and 1,300 fatalities each year.

In this article we go over some winter driving tips and how to properly de-ice your outdoor walking areas.

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Does My Insurer Provide Towing Coverage?

You may not know this, but many liability-only and full coverage insurance plans don’t provide towing accommodations. Therefore, you’ll be responsible for covering the costs, even after an accident. However, if you’re not at fault for the crash, the other driver’s insurance will cover the damages to your car. Their insurance may cover towing expenses as well.

Luckily, most insurance providers offer some sort of towing coverage. However, like mentioned above, towing coverage isn’t typically included in regular plans, so you’ll need to ask for it. It’s fairly common to assume that you get towing coverage automatically, but that isn’t always the case.

In this article we will talk about how to get towing coverage with your car insurance provider.

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How Much Are Car Insurance Rates for High-Risk Drivers in Georgia?

In Georgia, car crashes have become a leading cause of fatalities on the road. In fact, vehicle-based accidents are the second-leading cause of hospitalizations in the state. With the increasing number of fatalities and injuries attributed to crashes, insurance providers have started raising rates for high-risk drivers.

High-risk drivers could possibly lose their policy in the long run. Reckless driving can include being at fault in a car crash, getting a speeding ticket, or having a lapse in coverage. You may have even received a DUI conviction. After such incidents, it might become difficult for you to find an affordable automobile policy to protect you on the road.

Let’s plunge into the discussion to find out what car insurance rates are for high-risk drivers in Georgia.

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Georgia Ranks High in Deer Collisions

Georgia ranks high among states where deer collisions are increasing. In an examination by State Farm, it was found that Georgia motorists have a 1 in 83 chance of colliding with a deer. This risk increases more so during the fall and winter months due to deer season.

In this article we will discuss the recent rise in deer collisions and how you can be safe while driving.

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