Do You Know What Your Insurance Policy Covers?

home insurance policy covers

Insurance policies offer multiple plans that provide different levels of protection against liabilities and risks. But do you know what your insurance policy covers? It’s stated that 15% of homeowners don’t know what their policy covers and they don’t know where to check.

Therefore, it’s essential to have extensive knowledge of the appropriate add-ons, exclusions, limits, and so forth. The last thing you want is to file a claim and find out you weren’t as protected as you thought you were. Here’s what you need to know.

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Pest Control Tips for Your Home

pest control tips

Discovering a bug in your home is enough to give you an unsettling feeling. Not only can pests damage your home, but they can also spread diseases.

Although there’s no way to completely eliminate pests for good, there are ways to ward them off and lessen the chances of them entering your home.

In this article, we’re going to discuss some common bug attractors and our top pest control tips. Let’s begin.

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Home Insurance Renewal Tips

home insurance renewal

Home insurance renewal is when an insurance policy is about to end and the policy owner is allowed to renew it. While the homeowner has the choice to just renew it, now is a good time to make any necessary changes and even shop around for better rates. The insurance provider will typically inform the policy owner 30 days before their policy’s expiration.

This is the perfect time to assess your current insurance needs and shop around. Remember, you don’t have to change your current policy if you’re happy with it. However, your insurer may make some changes to your policy automatically that you’ll want to look over.

In addition, your insurer doesn’t have to renew your policy if they deem you high risk. For instance, if you filed too many claims or live in a high-risk fire or flood area. However, they must notify you 45 to 60 days before your policy’s expiration.

In this article, we’re going to go over some tips for renewing your home insurance and how to get the best policy at a reasonable rate.

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How to Create a Home Inventory Checklist

home inventory

Creating a home inventory checklist can help you decide how much coverage you need to protect your personal belongings. It also helps you figure out whether or not you need additional coverage for any high-dollar items. Basic home insurance policies provide limited coverage up to $1,000 or $1,500. Even though these limits keep home insurance costs low, your valuable items may be left unprotected.

If a disaster were to occur, you don’t want to be left figuring out what items are covered and which ones aren’t. This is where a home inventory checklist comes into play. We have a few tips that can help you create an in-depth home inventory checklist. Preparing this list will give you a better understanding of how much coverage you need. Let’s begin.

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Is Your Georgia Home Underinsured?

home underinsured

Your house is arguably your biggest asset considering it’s a huge investment. Therefore, your home must have proper protection. Home insurance is one of the easiest ways to ensure that your house has the financial security it may need in case of an emergency.

But, what does a homeowner do if their house doesn’t have sufficient coverage? Oftentimes homeowners don’t even realize they’re underinsured until they try and file a claim. Therefore, you must ensure that you have sufficient insurance coverage, which is why we’re going to point out some indicators that may help you decide.

In this article, we’ll discuss three instances where your home may be underinsured. Let’s begin.

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What to Know before Selling Your Home in Georgia

Homeowners insurance is probably not at the top of your mind when you’re about to sell your home in Georgia. However, overlooking the importance of homeowners insurance during the sale of your house may harm you in the long run. There are several home insurance risks that you should know about, such as leaving your old property uninsured before closing.

In this article, we’ll discuss the important role homeowners insurance has while you’re selling your home in Georgia.

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Your Guide to Homeowners Insurance

homeowners insurance

Whether you’re planning to buy a new home or have already purchased it, you must have thought about homeowners insurance. Why is it significant, or how does it benefit you?

Let’s admit a house is one of the most valuable possessions you own. It needs guaranteed security. Homeowners’ insurance policies protect your home in many ways.

If you’re looking for homeowners insurance, you have come to the right place. This article includes everything from what homeowners insurance is, how much you need, and what to consider before purchasing a homeowners insurance policy.

Here’s your very own homeowners insurance guide.

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Safety Tips for Using Space Heaters in Your Home

According to the US Fire Administration, around 20,000 house fires occur every year. Fifty percent of these fires are caused by portable heaters in the winter.

Space heaters can keep your place cozy throughout the colder months; however, they can also cause a fire if you use them carelessly. 

However, you can reduce this risk substantially by following certain safety tips. Don’t worry, if you have no idea how to go about it, as we have you covered. As we delve into the discussion, let’s quickly understand some of the key safety features you should consider when using a space heater in your home.

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Do I Need Flood Insurance in Georgia?


In the US, Georgia is among the states that experiences the most flooding. The state has frequent thunderstorms, tornadoes, and tropical storms, which results in heavy rain during the year. In some cases, these severe climate conditions turn into flash floods, causing havoc in various parts of Georgia.

If you live in the state, you must know that your typical homeowners insurance doesn’t cover flood damage. That means you’ll need to purchase flood insurance as an additional coverage.

In this article we will discuss why you need flood insurance in Georgia, how much it typically costs, and when you should purchase it.

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My Neighbors Tree Fell in My Yard, Who Pays for It?

tree fallen

Property damage is a very serious issue to deal with. When it comes to property insurance claims, fallen trees can be tricky to pin down. During bad storms it’s very common for trees to uproot and fall on people’s yards, cars, or houses. A common question we’re asked frequently is, “my neighbors tree fell in my yard, who pays for it?”. If the tree is healthy and fell due to an act of nature, it can be difficult to claim damages through your neighbor’s insurance.

In most cases, whatever happens to land on your property is now your responsibility. And even though there are some exceptions to these rules, unfortunately trees falling in your yard isn’t one of them. So, if a storm causes your neighbor’s tree to fall in your yard you would be responsible for it. You cannot file a claim and make them responsible for the damage and removal.

This also applies in reverse, as they cannot take any action against you if your tree falls in their yard. Of course, the main distinction here is cause and effect. If you can prove that the tree falling in your yard was diseased or due to the homeowner’s recklessness, then you may be able to make them pay for the damages. However, if that is not the case, you will have to contact your insurance provider and file a claim.

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