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Safeco insurance will help you protect your home, your personal belongings, your guests, and your family. Safeco home insurance will also protect your personal belongings against covered losses wherever they happen to be, whether they’re in the back of your car or with you on vacation. If a guest gets hurt on your property, like if they were to trip and fall over a garden hose, you would be covered. You and the members of your family will be protected from claims of bodily injury or property damage and the resulting litigation. There are also plenty of options that you can add to your home insurance for additional protection, such as valuable articles and personal property replacement cost protection. Your Atlanta Insurance agent would be happy to go over these additional coverages with you so that you can have peace of mind knowing that you’re protected from whatever life might throw at you.

The company is dedicated to earning the trust of its clients, so if you choose to get a Safeco home insurance quote, you know you’ve got a company that’s committed to acting in its clients’ best interest. Their goal is to always be there when you need them. They also want to make the insurance process as easy as possible.

Safeco Home Insurance in Atlanta

If you’re an Atlanta homeowner, you might be trying to save some money on your home insurance rates. Maybe you’ve decided to start shopping around for the best rates, and maybe you’ve decided to partner up with Atlanta Insurance to get some home insurance quotes. One of the carriers that we work with is Safeco Insurance. You might recognize the name The General in insurance - well, that’s the name that Safeco used to go by. You might be wanting to explore getting home insurance through Safeco, but maybe you’re not sure how to get a Safeco home insurance quote in Atlanta. Well, we can make it easy! We can get the quote for you. You’re on a mission to get the best home insurance at the best available rate, and we’re ready to help you succeed in your mission. To find out more about Safeco home insurance, read on - you’ll find the company's history and some information about their home insurance.

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Hawthorne K. Dent started the General Insurance Company of America in 1923. The company began in Seattle but quickly expanded down the west coast and across the country all the way to the east coast. Since the General Insurance Company of America is a bit of a mouthful, people nicknamed it The General. The name stuck until 1953 when The General created a subsidiary company called the Selective Auto and Fire Insurance Company of America (which was shortened to SAFECO.) With the use of computer-based tools, it enjoyed so much success that The General eventually renamed itself Safeco. 2008 marked a big event in the company's history - it became part of Liberty Mutual Insurance. Safeco now focuses solely on personal insurance and has a substantial team of agents around the country.


Founded: 1923 in Seattle, Washington

CEO/President: Tyler Asher

Headquarters: Seattle, Washington

Number of employees: 7,200

Parent company: Liberty Mutual

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