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Hagerty Insurance has classic car insurance and classic boat insurance. For classic cars, there are different coverage options - there’s even a policy that accounts for occasional pleasure use of the vehicle. They also help you with getting replacement parts in the event of a claim. There’s even a roadside assistance program that’s designed specifically for collector cars. The program handles lockouts, flat tires, battery jumps, and even guarantees flatbed towing with soft straps. Hagerty knows their classic cars. Of course, classic car insurance isn’t where Hagerty stops. There’s also coverage for classic trucks and SUVs, vintage motorcycles, historic military vehicles, and antique tractors. Hagerty got its start with insuring vintage boats, so of course, there’s marine insurance. Hagerty offers classic boat insurance that’s tailored to the way that you use your boat. And because they specialize in classic boat and car insurance, they’re able to offer lower premiums.

Hagerty’s core values are all about taking care of each other and doing the right thing. They’re truly passionate about collecting and about the vehicles - both automobiles and watercrafts - that they insure. They strive to help that passion grow in others.

Hagerty Classic Car Insurance in Atlanta

Do you have a classic car? If you’re passionate about vehicles and you love the classics, you might be wondering how to insure a collector car in Atlanta. You want to make sure that your dream car is properly protected with the right car insurance, but you’re also looking to get a great rate for your classic car insurance. You might want to get a quote from Hagerty Insurance, which specializes in collector cars, but maybe you’re not sure where to start or how to go about the process. That’s where we can help. We can help you get a Hagerty car insurance quote in Atlanta so that you can rest assured that your prized car (or cars!) is protected with skilled classic car insurance. And we love to make insurance easy, so getting a quote has never been simpler. We want to help you find the insurance that’s right for your vehicle. If you’re interested in learning more about Hagerty and the collector car insurance they offer, read on! We’ve got an overview of the company’s history and some details about their insurance.



Frank and Louise Hagerty were insurance agents who handled home and auto insurance, but they had a real passion for vintage cars and boats. The only problem was that they struggled to find the right insurance to fully protect their unique cars and watercrafts. Being the innovative people they are, they created their own and launched Hagerty Insurance out of their basement. They started with a policy for vintage boats that revolutionized the way that classic boats were insured. That was in 1984. But it didn’t make sense to Frank and Louise to leave classic cars out of their insurance company, so they started a policy for collector cars, too. Their passion for classic cars and boats led them to create the company that would become a worldwide leader in collector car and boat insurance, and that passion continues today. The company was founded on the belief that all car and boat enthusiasts should have access to the best insurance.


Founded: 1984

Founders: Frank and Louise Hagerty

Headquarters: Traverse City, MI

Areas served: USA, Canada, United Kingdom

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