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We've got some tips for buying home insurance.

10 pro tips for buying homeowners insurance in Atlanta, GA

February 20, 2018

Home insurance may not be your favorite thing to think about. We get it – home insurance can get complicated. Maybe you had a stressful experience in the past, or maybe you’re getting coverage for your first home and you’re a little overwhelmed. Or maybe you’re shopping for rates. But don’t worry: we’ve got eight … Read more

Liquor liability insurance can protect your restaurant from the risks associated with serving alcohol.

Does my Atlanta restaurant or bar need liquor liability insurance?

February 15, 2018

If your Atlanta dining establishment serves alcohol, you’re open to a number of risks. What if a fight breaks out because one of your patrons is intoxicated? What if one of your patrons leaves and gets into a car accident that injures the other driver – and what if your patron is found to be … Read more

If a tree falls on your house, your home insurance will most likely cover you.

What you need to know about homeowners insurance if a tree falls

February 13, 2018

Atlanta is known for being a city with a lot of trees. The local flora is picturesque and pretty, but it does raise some questions about home insurance. First and foremost: does homeowners insurance cover fallen trees? Second: does homeowners insurance cover a tree falling on my neighbor’s house? Then that raises the question of … Read more

You business faces several different types of theft.

Protect your business from four different types of theft

February 8, 2018

Sometimes people really want things that don’t belong to them, and your business faces numerous types of theft. There are various threats out there, but by being aware of them and taking steps to lower your risk you can protect your business from theft. We’ll go over four types of crime that businesses face and … Read more

Driving in the rain can be hazardous.

Tips for driving in the rain during one of Atlanta’s rainiest months

February 6, 2018

When we think of the rainy season, we usually think about the summer. Or April. But one of Georgia’s rainiest months is actually February, with March also receiving a good deal of precipitation. So, it seems like a good time to go over some tips for driving in the rain. Driving in the rain puts … Read more

Improving safety can help you save money on your workers' comp insurance.

6 ways to lower your workers’ compensation premiums in Atlanta

February 1, 2018

As an employer, you might absolutely dread one of your employees getting hurt. You care about your employees, of course, and you don’t want to see them in pain because of a workplace accident (and, well, there’s an awful lot of paperwork involved with workplace accidents.) Ensuring that the employee gets the medical attention and … Read more

There are a few things you can do to save money on your auto insurance.

How to save money on Atlanta car insurance

January 30, 2018

Auto insurance is not cheap. It’s a fact of life. If you feel like your auto insurance payments have gotten a bit out of control, you’re probably trying to scheme ways to save money on your car insurance. And maybe it seems like you’re not making much headway with that plot. Before you lose hope … Read more

Inland marine insurance can be helpful for businesses to cover gaps in their insurance.

What is inland marine insurance and does my Atlanta business need it?

January 25, 2018

Words can be a lot of fun, especially when they say something that seems to be contradictory but really isn’t (a.k.a. an oxymoron.) Business insurance has its fair share of funny words, and one of those phrases is “inland marine insurance.” How can marine insurance be inland? You may think that the name doesn’t make … Read more

You can easily travel the length of a football field without seeing the road if you're texting and driving.

Why you should think twice before texting and driving

January 23, 2018

We’ve all heard the dire warnings about distracted driving. Maybe part of us knows that texting and driving is wrong and dangerous, but do we ignore our instincts and do it anyways? When you’re behind the wheel, it’s important that your full attention is on the road and not anything else. Texting and driving isn’t … Read more

Umbrella insurance adds liability coverage for your business.

What is commercial umbrella insurance and do I need it for my Atlanta business?

January 18, 2018

Thinking about worst-case scenarios can be frightening and unnerving. When your business is cruising along and doing well, everything is great. But sometimes things happen and disaster can strike. Of course, you have business insurance to protect your company, but what if a claim comes along and blows your insurance limits right out of the … Read more

There are a number of reasons that a home insurance claim could get denied.

Why was my homeowners insurance claim denied?

January 16, 2018

Filing a home insurance claim can seem like a daunting, draining process. Maybe after you filed your claim you felt like you ran a marathon – exhausted but proud of yourself for a job well done. You dusted off your hands and went on with your life. But then you get the bad news – … Read more

It's important to be conscious of fire safety at your business.

Avoid property insurance claims at your Atlanta business with fire safety

January 11, 2018

If you’re a business owner, one of your worst nightmares might be a fire striking and burning down your premises. Many small businesses never reopen after a disaster like a fire because the expenses are so high. You have to pay to have the premises cleaned up and rebuilt, plus there’s the lost income you … Read more

Your home insurance premium is determined by many factors.

How is an Atlanta homeowners insurance premium calculated?

January 9, 2018

Along with being a homeowner comes the need to get home insurance. Whether you’re in the process of buying your first home or you’re just switching insurance companies, you might be wondering what affects home insurance rates. Maybe you have a general idea of the average cost of home insurance in Georgia, but how do … Read more

The cost of business insurance depends on a variety of factors.

What factors affect the cost of business insurance in Atlanta?

January 4, 2018

When you’re buying Atlanta business insurance, there are a lot of different factors to consider. Insurance will help you protect your business, and it’s a big part of your risk management plan – your keep-the-doors-open-and-don’t-go-bankrupt plan. But the question in your mind might be how much does business insurance cost. The answer to that is … Read more

It can be hard to know how to choose a home insurance deductible.

How to choose a homeowners insurance deductible in Atlanta

January 2, 2018

If you’re a homeowner, you know the drill with getting home insurance. You’ve done the whole “insurance shopping” thing and done your research about the best Georgia home insurance companies. You had to choose a deductible, and maybe you looked at all the different options, shrugged, and picked one. But maybe now you’re wondering how … Read more