What to Know About Older Driver Safety Awareness Week

Every year, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) hosts Older Driver Safety Awareness Week in order to encourage older drivers to stay safe on the road. This week is an important reminder that older drivers need to be extra vigilant while driving.

Here, we will discuss some of the common causes of car accidents for older drivers and provide some safety tips for older motorists.

Common Causes of Car Accidents for Older Drivers

As we age, our reaction time slows and our vision and hearing decline. These factors can make it difficult for an older driver to react quickly in emergency situations. In addition, many elderly drivers also suffer from medical conditions such as arthritis which can impair their ability to maintain control over their vehicles.

Distracted driving is another leading cause of car accidents among elderly motorists. Distraction can come from a variety of sources including cell phones, radios, CD players, GPS systems, and other electronic devices. It’s important for elderly drivers to remain focused on the road at all times in order to avoid dangerous situations.

Safe Driving Tips For Older Drivers

There are a few simple steps that older drivers can take in order to stay safe on the road:
• Make sure your vehicle is well maintained- Regularly check your vehicle’s oil levels, tire pressure, brakes, and other components in order to ensure that your vehicle is running properly. This will help reduce your risk of getting into an accident due to mechanical failures or malfunctions.
• Avoid night driving-Night time driving can be especially hazardous for elderly drivers due to poor visibility and fatigue caused by long hours behind the wheel. Whenever possible, try to plan trips during daylight hours or use public transportation instead.
• Wear your seat belt- Seatbelts are one of the most effective ways of reducing fatalities in car accidents so make sure you always wear yours when driving!

The Importance Of Car Insurance For Older Drivers

Car insurance is essential for protecting yourself financially in case you’re involved in a car accident or if your vehicle gets stolen or damaged by natural disasters such as floods or fires. As a senior driver, you may qualify for discounts on your car insurance premiums so make sure you shop around and compare rates before choosing a policy!

Here are some tips on how to save money on car insurance.

Bottom Line

Older Driver Safety Awareness Week is an important reminder that seniors should take extra precautions while driving in order to stay safe on the road. Common causes of car accidents among elderly motorists include distraction caused by electronic devices and impaired physical abilities due to age-related health issues such as arthritis. By regularly maintaining their vehicles and avoiding night time driving whenever possible, seniors can greatly reduce their risk of getting into an accident while behind the wheel! Finally, don’t forget about car insurance—it’s essential for protecting yourself financially if something goes wrong!

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