5 Warning Signs to Look for When Filing a Claim

Let’s be real, the process of filing an insurance claim is lengthy, complex, and difficult. Even the most vigilant and mindful policyholders can end up overlooking crucial details that could impact the overall claim’s success. If you’re filing a business-related claim, it may include even more complications and you may need to pay a great deal of attention to different variables to protect your assets and brands.

That’s why professionals suggest owners of commercial or business properties work with a professional who specializes in insurance claims. Whether you want to file an insurance claim right after your property is damaged or decide to wait, only a professional can help you deal with the process.

Therefore, you should consider learning about a few red flags to navigate the claims process efficiently. Don’t fret if you have no idea how to go about it. Here we have listed some warning signs to look for when you file a claim.

Warning Signs to Look For When You File a Claim

Warning Sign 1 – Delays in Response

Delays often indicate that something is not right and insurance claims are no exceptions.  Put simply, if your insurer doesn’t contact you back after receiving your claim, there is something wrong. According to the law, an insurance company should respond to your filed claim within fifteen days after the claim notice.

Warning Sign 2– Demand to Use Recommended Vendor

You need to be vigilant if your insurer demands or emphasizes using its chosen vendors for mitigation.  There is no rule or law that requires you to work only with your insurance company’s vendor. Instead, it is always better that you do some research and hire a reliable vendor for your case.

Warning Sign 3- Request to Assess Claim

If your insurer requests an assessment under oath, that can be a potential problem for your claim. It typically shows that your insurer is suspicious about fraudulent activity or false information in regard to your insurance claim.

Warning Sign 4 – Additional Time in Claim Denial

Denial or delays of any sort in the insurance claim process isn’t a good sign.  If it takes too long for your insurer to accept or reject your claim, take it as a red flag. You need to address these kinds of inactions immediately.

Warning Sign 5- Insurer Says There is No Coverage for Certain Claims

You should have complete knowledge of your homeowners’ policy and the items it covers.  Sometimes, insurers say that the policy doesn’t cover certain items. If you don’t have sufficient knowledge about it, your claim may face denial.

Summing Up

All in all, the best way to deal with insurance claim procedures is to hire an advocate or public adjuster who can navigate these red flags on your behalf.


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