A Speeding Ticket in Georgia Can Raise Your Car Insurance by 26%

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety, Georgia reported more than 9,378 fatalities in 2018 due to speeding. Note that speeding is typically a misdemeanor in the state of Georgia; however, there are strict rules and hefty fines involved for drivers who violate these rules.

Keep in mind that speeding tickets are something to be taken seriously as they impact your automobile insurance premium. That means if you get a ticket for speeding in Georgia, it will increase your car insurance cost by 26 percent on average.

Keep on reading to find out how speeding tickets impact your car insurance in Georgia.

Cost of Speeding Ticket in Georgia

Note that the fine on a speeding ticket varies as it takes into account several factors such as the severity of your speeding and the violation location.

If you’re a first time speeder, you may have to pay the following amount for driving;

  • less than 5 mph over the limit – $0
  • 5 mph over the limit but below 10 mph- $25
  • 10 mph or over the limit but below 14 mph- $100
  • 14 mph or over the limit but below 19 mph -$125
  • 19 mph or over the limit but below 24 mph – $150
  • 24 mph or over over the limit but below 34 mph- $500

However, there are many factors that not only aggravate the circumstances but also increase these fine limits.

For instance, if your speed exceeds the limit in a highway construction area, you may have to pay a $2,000 fine. You could also potentially go to jail for up to 12 months.

The restriction also fines $200 to individuals they call “super speeders,” which are people who go over 85 mph.

It affects your insurance premiums directly to different degrees depending on the issued points for violating traffic in Georgia.  That means if you receive a ticket for going over 15 mph, you may receive between 2 to 6 points on your license.

Speeding Tickets Increasing Car Insurance in Georgia – What Are the Limits?

Apart from the points and fines in Georgia, speeding tickets are likely to raise auto insurance premiums.  Typically, the number of male drivers getting speeding tickets is higher compared to female drivers.  As a result, men have to pay higher automobile insurance premiums.  The chart below explains how a ticket affects your rate and by what percentage for both males and females.

Age  Speeding ticket %increase
Male (40-year-old) $2,505 28%
Female (40-year-old) $2,508 25%


Total average $2,507 26%

Can You Lower Your Car Insurance After Getting a Speeding Ticket?

Though it is a lengthy process, there are steps you can take to soften or reduce the increase you get due to a speeding ticket. Follow the given steps.

  • Get quotes from other automobile insurers
  • Look for deals and discounts
  • Modify current coverages

Summing Up

If you live in Georgia, you need to be cautious about speeding as it increases your car insurance by 26 percent. Thus, the article includes the details, along with the steps you can take to lower your premium.