Mercury Insurance Reduces Rates for Residents of Georgia

Did you know that Mercury Insurance has reduced homeowner’s and auto insurance rates for its policyholders in Georgia by 5 percent?

The good news is that the reduction applies to all old and new customers from 25 June. The policy renewals begin August 14th and allows all Mercury policyholders to save an average of $149 annually on their auto insurance and $67 on their homeowner’s insurance.

According to the Product Manager of Mercury Insurance Georgia, Sarah Wang, the insurance organization is delighted to help their customers save money on their insurance. They aim to help coastal Georgia homeowners obtain the essential coverage to repair their houses from any perils or disasters such as windstorms.

Keep on reading to learn more about Mercury and how they reduced their rates for their policyholders in Georgia.

What is Mercury Insurance?

They’re a renowned multiple-line insurance company that predominantly offers personal automobile, commercial, and homeowner’s insurance in the following places:

  • Arizona
  • Florida
  • Georgia
  • California
  • Virginia
  • Illinois
  • Texas
  • New Jersey
  • Oklahoma
  • Nevada
  • New York

The company operates via a network of 639 insurance agents in Georgia. Launched in 1962, the company has been serving people with quality insurance policies at reasonable prices.

Tips to Shop for Auto Insurance from Mercury

  • Consult a local agent at Mercury to explore the additional savings and coverage packages customized for your needs.
  • It would be best to take professional advice as insurance is often complicated. A professional or local independent agent knows the local area and helps you find the right coverage at the right price.
  • Shop around to find what packages are available. You may seek your agent’s help to do this Remember that price is just a part of your equation. You need to make sure that your chosen company offers solid insurance and has a reliable background that can protect your property or car in unexpected incidents.
  • Mercury has got an A rating from A.M, which is the industry’s leading rating agency. You may read the customer testimonials and reviews to see why Mercury offers a top-ranked shopping experience.

Why Choose Mercury?

Their coverage is not limited to just auto or homeowner’s insurances. The company also offers insurance for;

  • Business Auto
  • Mechanical Protection
  • Renters
  • Ride-hailing, Condo
  • Home Systems Protection
  • Home Cyber Protection
  • Service Line Protection
  • Identity Management Service
  • Personal Umbrella

Summing Up

Mercury Insurance reducing the rate for residents in Georgia is a sign of relief for policyholders. The reduction is meant to ensure that the policies are more accessible, which is always a great sign for the industry.


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