7 reasons to do a review of your Atlanta car insurance policy

Atlanta car insurance policy

So, car insurance. Perhaps not your favorite two words to hear next to each other. You might not be too fond of paying your premium, and you might not want to look at your policy. But it’s important to review your Atlanta car insurance regularly. Before you groan and scoff (an understandable response), we can assure you that there are plenty of good reasons to do a review of your Atlanta car insurance policy on a regular basis. It could help you ensure that you’ve got the coverage that’s right for you – at the best possible rate.

7 reasons to do a review of your Atlanta car insurance policy.

1. Make sure you have enough coverage.

There’s a lot of risks associated with driving, and that’s why car insurance exists. When you review your Atlanta car insurance policy, check your coverage limits. Do you have high enough levels of coverage? Do you want to raise your levels of coverage? Don’t underestimate how expensive a car accident can be or how bad the fallout from a serious accident can be. Remember, your bodily injury liability coverage can cover the other driver’s medical expenses if you injure them in a car accident. Then property damage liability can cover the damage to the other driver’s car if you hit them. The point is that it’s important to make sure you have high enough limits of coverage.

2. Check your discounts.

When you do a review of your Atlanta car insurance, you can also take a look at the discounts being applied to your policy. Do you think you could qualify for any other discounts? Check and see if your situation has changed, allowing you to score some quick savings on your insurance. There are a few common car insurance discounts that people can get…

  • Safe driver
  • Low mileage
  • Multi-car discount
  • Good Student discount

Hey, if you’re going to be reviewing your policy, you may as well see if you can get some savings out of it by looking into discounts!

3. See if there are any coverages you want to add.

When you’re reviewing your policy, see if there are any potential coverages you want to add to your policy. You might have the option to add coverages that could be helpful later on.

4. Think about bundling.

When you have to insure both a home and a car, you might want to consider bundling your home and auto insurance. That means you get both coverages from the same carrier. This might help you save money because a lot of carriers offer a multi-line discount, and that could help you save a bit of money on your insurance. Evaluating your car insurance policy gives you the chance to consider whether it’s time to bundle and whether that’s the right move for you. There are plenty of benefits to bundling, not the least of which is the convenience factor of only having to deal with one insurance carrier.

5. Check your deductible.

Your deductible is the amount you agree to pay if you have a claim (and then the insurance company pays the rest according to the policy’s limits). Looking over your insurance gives you the chance to remind yourself of your deductible and ask yourself if it’s still right for you. There’s often a relationship between deductible and premium – if you choose a higher deductible, you could see a lower premium. So, if you’re in a position where you could raise your deductible, you could get lower rates. However, you don’t want to raise your deductible so high that it would be a huge burden to pay if you ever face a claim. There needs to be a balance.

6. Evaluate if your coverage still suits your needs.

Things change from year to year – and even month to month. So, when you review your Atlanta car insurance, you have to make sure your coverage still suits your specific situation. Think about where you’re at now and make sure your insurance is just right. (And hey, this is also a great time to make sure you’re familiar with what your policy does and doesn’t cover. It never hurts to refresh your memory and give your policy a once-over.)

7. See if you can save money.

Evaluating your car insurance policy is also a great time to get car insurance quotes and see what other options are out there. By getting multiple quotes, you could save money on your insurance and see what kind of rates are available to you. It can’t hurt to check and see if there’s coverage that’s better suited to your needs – or less expensive. You never know – you could find that you could get the same coverage you have now at a lower rate. And wouldn’t that be great?

The thing is that you don’t have to get car insurance quotes on your own. Our team can help you get the coverage you need. Atlanta car insurance is a big deal, and you might feel stressed out just thinking about it. But we like to make insurance easy. To get started with Atlanta car insurance quotes, fill out your online form, give us a call, or message us on LiveChat.