Ways to Save on Your Auto Insurance in Atlanta

Rising insurance costs may leave you wondering what you could possibly do to save money on auto insurance. Although you can’t control all of the factors that influence your premiums, there are many ways you can significantly reduce your rates year over year.

In this article, we’ll share several tips for doing just that. Let’s get started.

Ways to Cut Your Atlanta Auto Insurance Costs

As I’m sure you know, forgoing auto insurance isn’t an option. Not only is it required by law, but it also provides you protection from a covered peril. This can include anything from a car accident, theft, fire, or vandalism. Unfortunately, auto insurance is by no means cheap. The good news is rates vary tremendously based on a number of factors. Let’s discuss these below.

Ask About Discounts

Most insurance carriers offer a wide range of discounts. To take advantage of these, you need to ask your insurance agent if you’re eligible for any. For instance, there’s the good student and good driver discount. You could even take an online driver safety course which could save you around five to ten percent.

Maintain a Clean Driving Record

The main factor your insurer will consider when determining your rate is your driving record. You should always practice safe driving by focusing on your surroundings, eliminating distractions,  and driving defensively.

Increase Your Deductible

Increasing your deductible will reduce your rates since you’re agreeing to pay more in the event of a claim. Therefore, if you haven’t been at fault in an accident, have a clean driving record, and can afford to pay a higher deductible then this may be a good option for you.

Compare Your Options

Every insurance company bases their rates off different factors. Therefore, it’s important to seek assistance from an agent with access to multiple carriers. This way you can get multiple quotes and compare pricing and coverage options.

Keep Track of Your Miles

Your insurer will also consider the number of miles you drive per year. Therefore, if you work from home or your workplace isn’t far then you have the potential to save quite a bit. This is because the less time you spend on the road the less likely you are to be in an accident.

Pay Yearly

Believe it or not, opting for yearly insurance payments will save you tremendously. Not only this, but you’ll be able to get that expense out of the way for the rest of the year.

Bundle Your Policies

Many carriers will give you the option to bundle your insurance policies. For instance, you can bundle your home and auto, renters and auto, auto and health, or auto and life. By doing this you can save around fifteen percent.

Maintain a Good Credit Score

Many insurance companies will consider your credit score when determining your premium. You should keep your balances low, routinely monitor your credit report for inaccuracies, and make your credit card payments on time.

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