The importance of Atlanta home insurance

Home insurance in Atlanta is an essential element to home ownership.

Still, many homeowners often feel like it just isn’t worth the money, especially since homeowners insurance in the Atlanta area can be very expensive. In spite of the cost, home insurance is very important and well worth having. Here’s why.

The bank or lender that financed the home is the number one reason to have insurance on it. Banks issue loans in the form of a mortgage so people can buy a home without having enough cash on hand to pay for it. Fires, storms, vandalism and other situations occur and can easily result in a serious devaluation of a house due to damage.Because banks have a lot of money at stake in every house they finance, the terms of their mortgage require assurance that they will recover their money in the event something goes wrong. This assurance comes in the form of insurance which banks require home buyers to purchase as part of the terms of their loan. In short, those who will not buy insurance for their residence cannot get a loan from a bank or other lender.

Perhaps the second most important reason for buying homeowners insurance is homeowner security.

After all, those who lose their homes to disaster often do not have the cash on hand necessary to repair or rebuild their residence. Insurance will take care of this expense, meaning that any disaster is only temporary in nature when it comes to having a place to live.

Liability is also an issue when it comes to insuring a home in the Atlanta area. If someone gets hurt on the property, they can potentially sue the homeowner for expenses and damages. Such a lawsuit could severely complicate the financial standing of the homeowner if it were not for insurance.

When a homeowner is sued, much of the liability they incur is covered by their policy, meaning that life can go on with minimal interruption.

While purchasing home insurance, homeowners get more than just an extra bill to pay. Atlanta homeowners get important coverage that protects the interest of banks, the homeowner, and anyone who might visit a homeowners’ property.  At Atlanta Insurance you can typically recieve discounts of up to 30% when you combine your Atlanta homeowners insurance policy with your auto policy.