Keeping your spirits up during COVID-19 times

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We’ve, of course, been dealing with COVID-19 for a long time, and it has been difficult. It is a very easy thing to get frustrated and downcast during this time when everything feels upside-down and we don’t know when it’s going to end. Everyone is feeling overwhelmed. We could all use a boost and a reminder to stay positive. Here are a few things that could help raise your spirits.

Keeping your spirits up during COVID-19

1. Having family time.

Maybe at the beginning of quarantine you spent a lot of time with family. But now, perhaps, everyone’s gone their separate ways. The kids have online school, the grown-ups have work (maybe work from home, but still – work). Yeah, life is busy and there’s a lot of juggling, but try to schedule in family time. Play games, have movie night, take the time to have meals together. Yes, everyone needs alone time, but it’s also important to have some companionship and to relax and have fun together. Pick a fun family activity.

2. Communicate with people.

Humans are social beings. We need to have social interactions and spend time with each other. It can help you feel like things are slightly more normal. So, wear a mask so you can chat with your neighbors or plan safe, socially distanced get-togethers with friends. Or use technology like video chats and Zoom to stay in touch with people. Just try to set up some sort of social time in a way that’s COVID-safe. You can really give yourself a boost just by having a nice chat. It can help you feel less isolated.

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3. Take care of yourself.

It’s also really important to take care of yourself. You might feel like you’ve got a ton on your plate, and maybe you’ve been putting yourself at the bottom of your priority list. The kids have online school, you’ve got work, then there’s just the every day tasks to keep the house running. (Cooking, laundry, cleaning, going to the store in COVID-19 times.) But you’ve got to take some time for you. If you take some time to do the things you enjoy and/or self-care, you’ll be better able to care for your family and handle the day-to-day demands of life. You need to be sure that you’re being good to yourself and taking care of you, too.

4. Remember that people are still doing good things for each other.

In times of great struggle, there are people who will step up to the plate. There are still good people who want to help each other and want to alleviate the struggles happening to others. Just knowing that there are still good things happening can be a real morale boost.

5. Figure out what activities are calming to you.

You can also do some experimenting to find out what helps you feel relaxed and calm. Maybe you enjoy going for walks. Or maybe you like to paint or doodle or bake. The point is try to find something that takes your mind off things and gives you some peace. That way you can have some time to relax and have time away from the things that are stressful or overwhelming.

6. Save money on your insurance.

Here’s something that can help you lift your spirits – saving money. The present times have put a lot of financial strain on people, and you’re probably keeping a very close eye on your bank account. Insurance is one of those things that you might not want to think about – we get it. But we want to help you save money on the coverages you need, whether that’s home insurance, auto insurance, or renters insurance. Our goal is to make insurance easy and stress-free so that you can look at different options and see what savings could be out there for you.

It’s really important to find ways to keep your spirits up during this COVID-19 time. You can incorporate family time into your schedule, and you can try to have some more communication with people (in a safe, socially-distanced way). Don’t forget to take care of yourself during this time. Find out what sort of things help you relax. This has been a tough year, so take some time to figure out what can help you through it.

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