Tips to stay safe for Halloween 2020 during COVID-19

Halloween 2020b

It’s definitely been a difficult, stressful year, and COVID-19 has led to many things being cancelled. And with Halloween coming up, you might be worried about how to celebrate the holiday and have fun safely during the pandemic. You might be wondering whether you even want to do anything celebrate. There are a few things to keep in mind about Halloween during coronavirus. Here are some tips for Halloween 2020.

Tips to stay safe for COVID-19 Halloween 2020

1. Evaluate COVID-19 levels in your community.

If you’re trying to decide whether you want to do any Halloween activities, you might want to look at the COVID levels in your community. (You can look at your health department or government websites.) Keep in mind that different activities come with different levels of risk. For example, if you celebrate virtually, that’s very low-risk, as is celebrating at home with your household. On the other hand, attending a crowded indoor party is high risk. So, be aware of how COVID levels are in your community before making Halloween plans. If the levels are high, you should probably do Halloween at home (or virtually).

2. Think about the gathering itself.

So, if you’re planning to attend or host an activity for Halloween, you need to evaluate the gathering to make it as safe as possible. Remember the following considerations from the CDC:

  • Indoor gatherings pose more risk.
  • The length of the event and the number of people present can also impact the risk.
  • Try to limit contact between people.
  • Consider community spread and the numbers in the places where people are traveling from.
  • Understand that the behavior of the attendees (before and during the event) also relates to risk. Have people been wearing masks? Following social distancing? Hand-washing? These practices need to happen during the event, but also leading up to the event.

There are ways to limit the risk of doing Halloween-related activities. You have to be conscious of what risk is presented by the event.

3. Know when not to go to an event.

It’s also important to know when not to take part in Halloween 2020 activities. If you or one of your household members is in one of the following situations, you should probably stay home:

  • if you’ve been diagnosed with COVID-19
  • if you have symptoms
  • if you’re waiting for test results
  • if you might have been exposed sometime in the past two weeks
  • if you’re at risk of severe illness

Now, if you’re at risk of severe illness or are at heightened risk, you probably should stick to doing low-risk activities with only your immediate family. It’s really important, of course, to protect your health and that of the people in your home.

Halloween 2020

4. Know how to lower risk if you are hosting an activity.

Maybe you want to put together an activity for your family and close friends. The CDC provides the following tips…

  • do outdoor activities (stay away from indoor areas)
  • limit the number of people
  • try to keep it within your area
  • encourage your guests to bring safety supplies like protective masks and hand sanitizer
  • stay informed about safety guidelines
  • communicate the precautions you want to take to your guests

There are risks involved with hosting a gathering, so it’s crucial to take the appropriate precautions.

5. Know how to lower risk if you’re attending a Halloween event.

If you’ve been invited to a Halloween 2020 event, be aware of the CDC guidelines. Remember that outdoor activities pose less of a risk than indoor activities. Avoid crowded events and spaces with poor ventilation. (If you are indoors, you can suggest opening windows and doors for better ventilation, should the weather permit.) Check in with the host to ensure that they’ll be following precautions for safety. You should also bring things like extra masks and hand sanitizer.

6. Be cautious during the celebration.

You’ve also got to take precautions during the celebration itself. Keep six feet between yourself and those who aren’t in your household. Try to steer clear of crowded areas, like washrooms or eating areas, during busy times. You should also avoid close contact – that means no handshakes, no hugs, no getting too close. Just wave and say hi instead. Avoid singing and shouting. Be sure to wear a mark, but remember that a costume mask doesn’t replace a cloth mask. (Also don’t wear a costume mask over your protective mask because that can make it hard to breathe.) Wash your hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds.

7. Take precautions after the event.

If you do end up attending a Halloween gathering, it’s important to take precautions after the event. Here are a few things to keep in mind.

  • Stay home and avoid being around people who are high-risk.
  • Consider getting tested.
  • Let the host and attendees know if you start showing symptoms so they can take precautions as well. Get in touch with your doctor and follow CDC-recommended steps.
  • If you have a test done, wait at home for the results.

What if you’re informed that someone you’ve been in contact with has tested positive? Well, you should stay home for two weeks, monitor for symptoms, and get information about getting tested. Be cautious and take steps to be careful if you fear that you’ve been exposed.

8. Consider alternatives to trick or treating for Halloween 2020.

The kids are probably looking forward to putting on costumes and eating a bunch of candy. However, you might not feel comfortable with them going door-to-door to trick or treat. So, consider fun alternatives to trick or treating – for example, a Halloween scavenger hunt for candy, or putting goodie bags at the end of the driveway. If you and the kids will be going out to collect some goodie bags of your own, set some ground rules to keep it COVID-19 safe. Make sure you’re supervising the kids, even the older ones. And be sure to use plenty of hand sanitizer and try to get the kids not to touch their faces.

Halloween 2020 is going to be different. The pandemic has made the world change and adjust. To stay safe this Halloween, it’s important to be aware of the spread of COVID in your community and know which activities are low-risk and which are high-risk. There are precautions you can take to keep yourself and your family safe. Halloween is meant to be fun and happy, and it still can be, but you also need to reduce the risk that you might encounter. (Oh, and look out for ghosts, goblins, and werewolves.)

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