Green Home Tips

Suggestions for building, remodeling and living from Atlanta Insurance

Living green, building green and surrounding yourself with green products minimizes the negative impact you have on the natural world. At the same time, you are creating a healthy environment for yourself and your family.

The U.S.

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Will shopping for insurance hurt my credit?

An Atlanta resident recently asked “Can shopping for insurance hurt my credit score?”

If you have ever applied for a home loan your loan officer likely told you that you should not apply for or do anything that would alter your credit score during the loan process.  We have had several questions from concerned Atlanta residents here at Atlanta Insurance about this issue because often times getting an insurance quote

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Average home insurance cost

What is the average range for homeowners insurance in Atlanta with a house valued at $200k?

It is a fair question but a complicated answer.  There are a lot of factors to consider.  Your credit score, zip code, deductible chosen, and whether you will be combining it with your auto insurance policy all play an important role in determining the cost of home insurance.  No insurance company likes to give

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Atlanta Insurance Group

Everyone Should Have A Trusted Insurance Agent

Georgia insurance can be complicated.  You need an advocate to help you make the right decisions and understand all of the various auto insurance options available.  We offer the same insurance from the companies you trust and you get a highly trained agent right here in Atlanta to help you through the process.  

Choosing the right insurance agency can make a big difference

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Useful Resources for Georgia Drivers

Need to get or renew your Georgia Drivers License?

Georgia Driver’s License Customer Service Centers

Need to register your vehicle in Georgia?

Vehicle registration is done at your County Tax Commissioner’s office.  Follow this link for the nearest location:

What Vehicles are Exempt from Registration in Georgia?

Find out here:

Want free traffic reports on your phone in Georgia?

Georgia 511 is a free phone service that

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Atlanta Full Coverage Auto Insurance

Did you know that Full Coverage Auto Insurance doesn’t actually exist?

That’s right, full coverage is a misnomer that has really come to mean “I need coverage that will satisfy the obligations of my car loan”.  Those obligations vary depending on the car, the lender, the area you live in and the amount of risk you want to accept.

What is an Auto Insurance Deductible?

The deductible is the amount

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