Avoid Animal Vehicle Collisions

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimates that nearly one-quarter of all animal and vehicle crashes result in some form of bodily injury or vehicle damage. Whether you are driving around downtown Atlanta or driving out in the country, here are some tips to keep you safe on the road:

  • Remain alert at all times and watch out for animals.  Often to the surprise of Atlanta residents, large animals live and wander into large metropolitan areas.
  • Slow down if you see an animal up ahead, as it is generally unpredictable. Sound your horn with a long blast to scare it away.
  • Use your high beams at night.
  • Slow down on blind curve areas of the roadway.
  • Watch your speed, especially during dusk and at night.
  • Slow down at designated animal crossing areas and marked road signs.
  • Watch out for movement and shiny eyes on the roadsides.
  • If you see an animal in front of you, do not swerve because it may cause you to hit another vehicle, hit a side rail or lose control altogether. Simply apply your brakes.
  • Always wear your seat belt – it’s your best safety defense.
  • Don’t follow too closely to the car in front of you!  If the car in front suddenly stops or swerves to avoid hitting a large animal and you crash into them, you may be found at fault for not giving enough stopping distance.

Stay safe Atlanta, and remember, safe drivers enjoy cheaper auto insurance rates in Atlanta!