Atlanta Renters Insurance

Atlanta Renters Insurance and Apartment Insurance Lets You Rest Easy

Still on the fence about getting some Atlanta renters insurance?
Regardless of whether you own or rent your home, you are responsible
for your own personal property.  Most people, particularly apartment
renters, are not prepared for theft, damage, property law suit, or other loss.
Not having renter’s insurance to cover these unexpected events can
result in financial hardship.  Luckily, we here at Atlanta Insurance
make it easy to get a free renters insurance quote.  Just fill out the
form above and you will be on your way to having coverage you can depend

Our Georgia renter’s insurance, also known as rental or apartment
insurance, is an insurance policy designed to protect you from the loss
of your household possessions by damage or theft and for accidents to
visitors to your home.  Oftentimes, renters insurance will even cover
personal possessions in your car.

Why is Atlanta Renter’s Insurance important?

  • RobberyAccording to the National Crime Prevention Council, apartment
    buildings are 85 percent more likely to be victimized by burglaries
    than other types of housing.

    A renters insurance policy provides financial protection for your
    personal property, such as jewelry, furniture or electronic equipment.

  • Unforeseen Property DamageWhat if your possessions are damaged due to fire, lightning,
    windstorms, smoke, water, hurricanes, or tornadoes? Natural disasters
    are usually unexpected and renters insurance can give you peace of mind
    during a disaster.

    Most items can easily be replaced and it after a disaster it makes
    life a lot easier when your insurance provider hands you a check to
    re-coup your losses.

  • Liability ProtectionWhether you are responsible for it or not, you may find yourself
    held liable for an accident that occurred on your rental property. In
    today’s litigious society many people are all too happy to sue you.
    With renters insurance, the insurance company would defend you in court
    and pay any claims that came out of it based on your policy limits.
  • Renters Insurance Is very affordable!Renters Insurance is cheap but the coverage is invaluable. For all
    the protection that Renters Insurance offers, it simply does not make
    sense to go without it. Contact one of our
    insurance agents today and get a policy set up quickly and at little
    cost.  By combining your renters insurance with another policy like auto
    insurance, the discount often times will completely pay for your
    renters insurance policy.

Atlanta Insurance has been providing free Atlanta renters insurance
quotes and appartment insurance quotes for over 25 years. Our agents
will help you identify special circumstances or additional policies
that can maximize your renters policy protection.