Atlanta Life Insurance

It is time to make the right decision about your investment in some Atlanta Life Insurance

Life insurance provides protection for your loved ones and is
necessary for people of all ages.  It is important to know that if you
die unexpectedly your loved ones will be taken care of and to make sure
that no one is burdened with funeral expenses.

Unsure of what type of Atlanta Life Insurance Policy you need?

At Atlanta Insurance we make life insurance easy.  We will clearly
explain the various options available and help you make the right

There are typically two basic types of life insurance policies you can purchase:

Georgia Whole Life Insurance

Whole life insurance policies pay a benefit when you pass away, no
matter what age, and generally cover you for your entire life. Within
whole life you can get either universal or variable. Universal whole
life provides the policyholder with some flexibility in terms of death
benefits and premium payments. Variable whole life policies combine your
coverage with your investments. This can be a risk, if your
investments do not perform well, the value of your death benefits and
your coverage can decline as well.

Georgia Term Life Insurance

This is the least complicated type of Atlanta life insurance.
Term life policies pay a benefit only when death occurs during the
policy term.  Policy terms are usually no longer than 30 years. There
are two main types of term life policies called level term and
decreasing term. Level term policies, which are the most popular,
require that the death benefit stay level throughout the existence of
you policy.  Decreasing term policies require that the death benefit
drops in preset increments throughout the existence of your policy.

Six Reasons You Need Life Insurance

  1. To pay final expenses and funeral costs
  2. To replace income for your dependents so they are not left without steady income
  3. To ensure an inheritance for your heirs
  4. To cover mortgage expenses so that your loved ones do not find themselves homeless
  5. To cover federal/state death taxes
  6. To make significant charitable donations by naming a charity as a beneficiary

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