What’s Roadside Assistance Insurance?

When someone’s traveling along the freeway in a remote area with limited cell service the last thing they want to worry about is breaking down. In this scenario, you typically have two options. You can call a tow truck or try to address the problem yourself. Fortunately, this is where roadside assistance would come in handy.

In this article, we’ll discuss the benefits of roadside assistance coverage and how you can get it. Let’s get started!

What’s Roadside Assistance Insurance?

If you run out of gas, get a flat tire, or your engine overheats, a roadside assistance program can be beneficial. Not only will it give you peace of mind in a stressful situation, but purchasing a plan in advance is cheaper than just calling a tow truck when needed.

If you choose to pay out of pocket for the service you can expect it to cost around $100 depending on the situation and your distance from the nearest auto body shop. If you’re asking yourself, “how much does a tow truck charge per mile?”, refer to this blog on Tow Truck Insurance Rates for more information.

Depending on who you purchased roadside assistance coverage from, you can typically contact the company by phone or through an app. After that, a tow truck will be dispatched to your location to assist.

Lastly, the best part of having roadside assistance insurance is it won’t cost you anything besides tipping! If you’re wondering, do you tip tow truck drivers, refer to our blog.

Where Can I Get Roadside Assistance Insurance?

If you’re looking to purchase coverage there are several places you can acquire roadside protection, to name a few:

  • You can add it to your car insurance policy for $10-$60 extra a year
  • You can purchase a membership from a roadside assistance company, such as AAA, Better World, or National General
  • You can see if your car’s manufacturer (Ford, Honda, Toyota, etc.) or credit card company (BoA, Captial One, Chase, etc.) provides coverage

What Does Roadside Assitance Insurance Cover?

Every plan is different, each with varying limitations, features, and benefits. However, almost all of them offer their customers the same services.

Here’s a list of emergencies where roadside assistance insurance can come in handy:

  • If you get locked out of your car or lose your keys
  • Your car runs out of gas
  • Your battery dies
  • You get a flat tire or run over a nail
  • Your vehicle stalls on the side of the road

Possible Exclusions and Rules

Like any other insurance coverage, there are some rules and exclusions with roadside assistance.

  • Non-transferrable

Your roadside assistance coverage only applies to the cars listed on your policy.

  • Can be used on other types of vehicles

You can get roadside assistance for more than just cars, RVs and motorcycles qualify as well.

  • Collision and Comprehensive Coverage

If you purchase coverage through your car insurance company, you’ll typically need collision and comprehensive insurance on your vehicles already. As stated above, you can add this to your policy for as little as $10-$60 more a month.

  • You may need your membership card on hand

In most cases, you’ll need to have your membership card on hand when you call for a tow truck. Normally before they dispatch someone to your location they’ll ask for your name and membership code. If you don’t have access to your code you may be denied service.

Bottom Line

You should get roadside assistance insurance because of its wide range of benefits. By doing so you won’t have to worry about breaking down and trying to get a hold of a tow truck service anymore.

Getting a car insurance policy in Georgia can be pretty expensive unless you’re taking proactive measures to keep your premium down. For a competitive auto insurance quote, contact Atlanta Insurance today by giving us a call or filling out our online quote form. You’re one step away from great savings!




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