The Best Day to List Your Home in Atlanta

If you live in Atlanta and are all set to list your property for sale, you must know the best day to do it.  No matter how bizarre it may sound to you but listing your home may increase your chances to get it in front of the potential buyers quickly.

Are you interested in learning more about it? Well, keep on reading to explore the best day to market or list your property in the housing market.

The Best Home Listing Day in Atlanta

According to recent analysis of Zillow, today’s market can sell houses in days and if you’re an Atlanta seller looking for a quick sale, Thursday (before Labor Day) is the best time.

The report showed some interesting findings for the property sellers. It found that landlords listing their homes on a “Thursday” generally get buyers faster compared to other days. In fact, the researcher and real estate professionals consider “Thursday” the most important and popular day for listing homes.

Sunday, on the other hand is the least-popular day to market the home.  It is because homes listed on Sunday take more than five days to sell. In addition, listing home on Sunday does not get you the price you want for your home compared to Thursday.

In the same line, if you choose Saturday to list the house, it tends to sit longer on the market than expected.  It may usually take four days for a home to sell if you list it on Saturday.

However, owners who choose Thursday to list their homes are likely to obtain the higher price than the asking price. That makes Thursday the best day for listing your property in Atlanta’s housing market.

Moreover, choosing Thursday to list the home allows you to sell it three to four day faster than other days.   That is why more than 21 percent of properties are typically listed on Thursdays nationally.

Why Choosing the Right Day to List is Important

The timing of listing your home has a great impact on not only the market but also the sale price. If a home sits on the market longer than a week, it is a signal to potential buyers that there is a chance to get the discount.

If you’re a buyer and don’t want to get into any bidding war, try targeting the homes that are on the market for two to three weeks. You can also go for the properties listed over the days like Saturday and Sunday as they’re less likely to sell right away.

Summing Up

As per Zillow’s historic market trend, it is beneficial to list a home on Thursdays. It will help you get  quick results and you can sell the home over your asking price.


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