Supporting employees who are working from home

Working from home

There is a lot of uncertainty and stress going on right now due to the pandemic. If you are managing employees who are currently working remotely, it’s important to be aware of the fact that your workers might have kids doing online school. They might be lonely, they might be having issues separating from work at the end of the day, they might be having trouble staying focused. How can you as an employer support and help your employees, or reduce their stress level? There is a lot going on in your employees’ heads and lives right now. Here are some tips for supporting your workers while they’re working from home.

How you can support employees who are working from home?

1. Listen to suggestions from employees.

Your employees are the ones who are doing their jobs at home. They might have some suggestions for how to improve work-from-home and what could make the situation better. Your work-from-home system has to match your company and your employees’ needs. The team might have some feedback, so encourage them to go to you with their thoughts or concerns. You can let them know that they can tell you if they have any issues.

2. Check-in with your employees often.

It’s also important to check in with your employees often to see how they’re doing. That can help them feel more connected. Think about doing some video calls or setting up a messaging system so people can have some social interaction. You need to gauge how often these check-ins should be done – you don’t want to overdo it, either. You can arrange virtual team meetings and your management can do one-on-one check-ins. Of course, you can adjust the meeting schedule as you go until you find the balance and what works best for everyone.

3. Do virtual get-togethers.

It’s also really helpful to arrange virtual get-togethers to give your employees the opportunity to have some social time with each other. These can be very casual meetings. It’s just a way for your team to catch up with each other outside of work. During these times, having a nice, informal virtual get-together to have a chat can feel really refreshing. So, see if you can make that happen.

Working from home 2

4. Encourage routine.

Your employees are going to need some routine in their lives. And with the current situation, it’s important to understand that your employees might need some flexibility within the routine that they establish to get through work-from-home during quarantine. Encourage your employees to be open about the things that might need to shape their schedules or routines – for example, child care and/or online school – with you and the relevant team members so you can make it work and help make everyone’s lives easier. It’s important to reduce everyone’s stress by working with people’s schedules.

5. Consider offering trainings.

Even though employees are working from home, you can still help them grow their skillset. Can you do online training? What about webinars or online classes? Your workers might not be able to come to the office, but you can still provide opportunities for your employees to learn and develop new skills. So, think about different ways you can help your employees continue their professional development.

6. Encourage wellness.

As an employer, it’s important to recognize that this is a really stressful time for your employees. It can have some very real effects on peoples’ mental health, so consider how you can encourage your employees to look after themselves. How can you support the mental health of your workers? Can you start doing meditation breaks? Is there a way you can be promoting fitness? Can you encourage people to take time off if needed so they can refuel and recharge?

7. Remember that loyalty begets loyalty.

This is a difficult time, and you might be asking a lot of your employees. But remember that you need to prioritize the mental and physical well-being of your employees. Remember, people are loyal to those who are good to them and treat them well. Loyalty from you towards your team can inspire loyalty from your team in return. Besides, what if remote work doesn’t just go away? By figuring out a system for work from home and supporting your employees through that, you’ll be all set even if work-from-home persists past the pandemic. Your team is extremely important and you care about your people, so remember that a bit of kindness and compassion goes a long way.

Remote work is a new thing for a lot of employees and a lot of employers. If you’ve got your team working from home, you need to support them and take care of them as an employer. Be sure to get feedback from your employees and listen to their suggestions. Check in with them and understand that with online schooling and kids at home, your employees might need to adjust their routine or schedule. The important thing is that your team knows you’re there for them and on their side.

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