Looking for a new way to get around Atlanta? Try the Relay Bike Share Program!

For all bicycle lovers living in the Atlanta area, we’ve got some great news! Relay, Atlanta’s bike-sharing service, recently expanded in a big way.

The program went from having 100 bikes at 22 locations scattered around the city to having 500 bikes at 65 locations! The program has been able to expand into new locations and different parts of the city, bringing convenient access to bikes to more people.

This continues a trend of growth that the program has enjoyed. When the project launched in Downtown Atlanta less than a year ago there were only 100 bikes at 10 locations. The program has really taken off, which is great for Atlanta’s citizens and the environment!

An article in the AJC reported that an event about the Relay program took place at Piedmont Park and that Mayor Reed was in attendance, eager to spread the word about the bike-share program.

If you’re interested in trying it out, there are different ways to go about getting a Relay bike.

Option 1: You can visit their website and find a station on the map. The site will tell you how many bikes are available at that station. You tell it that you want to rent a bike from that location, then carry on from there—it’ll prompt you through the rest!

Option 2: Or you can download the Social Bicycles app (available through Google Play and through the Apple Store) that will help you find a Relay bike and manage your account.

Once you have located and secured a bike, you will use a 4-digit PIN code to unlock your bike and away you go! You cruise around the city and when you’re done you return the bike by locking it into a station. Pretty simple!

Now, how much might this cost? Getting a bike from Relay is affordable. There are different plans that you can choose. If you’re visiting the city or you’re just out for a ride to enjoy the beautiful day, you can choose a Pay as You Go plan. If you live in the city and want to ride, you can choose either a Monthly Pass or a Yearly Pass. There’s also a student plan, a corporate plan, and a low-income plan. Check out more about the payment options on Relay’s website.

So, bottom line, the Relay bike program could be an option for you to get around town—and avoid the headache of sitting in Atlanta traffic! You might even consider using Relay to bike to work. If you’re looking for a way to beat traffic and get some exercises, Relay’s something to explore.

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