Protecting your nestegg with home insurance

Protecting your home with homeowners insurance, or home owners insurance, means more than just protecting your house.

Atlanta house insurance is designed to protect your belongings inside your home as well. Your house is more than just the structure, and the smart homeowner knows to protect it adequately with house insurance from Atlanta Insurance.

Here at Atlanta Insurance, we hope nothing ever happens to your home, but in the event that it does, we are here for you with comprehensive and affordable house insurance. It is imperative to plan for the unexpected. But there are some very basic things you can do to make the unexpected a little less likely:

Preventing house fires:

– Keep smoke detectors in your home- change batteries at daylight savings time

– Keep matches, lighters, and lit candles away from children and pets

– Clean your clothes dryer lint trap regularly

– Don’t overload electrical outlets- use surge protectors

Preventing home theft:

– Keep valuables away from windows and doors- and if possible from plain view

– Keep your home well lit at night and when you are away from home

– Make sure all locks work properly and don’t keep extra keys in obvious places

Preventing home accidents:

– Keep emergency numbers near all phones

– Keep medicines, cleaning products, and poisons out of reach of children, preferably in a child proof cabinet

– Fix any cracks in sidewalks, driveways, walls, and foundation as to prevent any injuries

– Install carbon monoxide detectors in your home

Prevent home water damage:

– Keep gutters clean and clear of debris

– Do not put anything in toilets or sink/shower/tub drains

– Know where main water shut off valve is located and how to turn it off

– Check all plumbing including hoses on appliances

Of course, you should also create a detailed home inventory with receipts, detailed information about valuables, as well as video log, updated every year. Once you have your part done with these above simple tasks, you will be all set.  Keep an eye out for more house insurance tips from Atlanta Insurance.