What do the Hunger Games and Atlanta Insurance have in common?

Absolutely nothing… I take that back, they do have one thing in common:  Risk.

While it is unlikely you will be chosen for a fight to the death like in The Hunger Games, you may be involved in an accident.  In fact the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration estimates that the average American has a 30 percent chance of being involved in a serious automobile accident in their lifetime.  That statistic goes up when you live in or around a big city like Atlanta.  How can you protect yourself and lower your exposure to risk? 

  • Drive a safe care and maintain your car.  This means check the tires, check that all the lights are working, and make sure the fluids are topped up.  Is that airbag light on?  It could signal a problem and is very common in older cars. 
  • Don’t drive too closely behind another car and if another car is driving too close behind you move over.  Atlanta is infamous for bad driving habits like this.  If you don’t leave enough room to stop should someones tire blow out, you may be liable for crashing into them.  Also insurance fraud criminals love drivers that follow too closely.  Don’t be an easy target for criminals! 
  • Have adequate Atlanta car insurance coverage.  Many people don’t understand that minimum coverage required by state law is many times not enough to cover your expenses in a serious accident.  If you are found at fault and your insurance limits are not enough to cover the damages you could have to pay out of pocket.  You could even get your wages garnished for many years to pay off the debt.

While you are going out to see The Hunger Games this weekend take a moment to adjust your driving habits.  The life you save could be your own or even a loved one.  Unfortunately, teenagers have even higher chances of getting in an accident.  Do you know a teenage driver that drives poorly?  Speak up and explain to them the consequences of bad driving habits. 

Give Atlanta Insurance a call today to find out if you are over exposed to risk and in the meantime, enjoy the show!