7 Atlanta home insurance questions: Am I covered?

You may have some home insurance questions.

When you’re getting Atlanta home insurance, you might have a lot of questions about what’s covered and what’s not covered. Home insurance doesn’t cover everything. (Which is why it’s important to read your home insurance policy carefully and comb through it with a fine-toothed comb.) Anyways, we’ve compiled a list of seven home insurance FAQs to give bite-sized answers to some common home insurance questions.

Atlanta home insurance questions

1. Am I covered if there is heavy rain and water seeps into my basement?

Flooding is not covered by home insurance. (And by flooding we mean a rapid and unusual accumulation of water on the ground where there is usually not water.) So, if your area is hit with some heavy rain and some water infiltrates your basement, creating a big soggy mess…unfortunately, it’s not covered.

You can, however, purchase a separate flood insurance policy, which can cover flooding and surface water from heavy rain. You can get flood insurance through an agent from the NFIP (National Flood Insurance Program) so that your house can be protected from flood-related losses.

2. If my sump pump fails, am I covered?

Home insurance policies usually exclude sewer backup and sump pump failure. However, you can add a sewer backup endorsement to your home insurance policy so that this kind of loss can be covered. (Sewer backup is not something that is very pleasant, so you may want to think about adding this coverage to your home insurance.)

3. Is my boat covered?

If boat theft occurs away from your residential property, no, the loss would not be covered by home insurance. You would need a boat insurance policy to cover the vessel and any accessories you have for it.

4. If my neighbor’s tree falls through my fence and ruins it, does their insurance pay for it?

No. Your Atlanta home insurance, though, should cover the claim. If it’s your fence or your home that gets damaged by your neighbor’s tree, your home insurance would be the one paying the claim, not theirs. Now, if your tree fell through your neighbor’s fence, the neighbor’s home insurance would cover it.

(However, if your neighbor’s tree falls as a result of their negligence, it’s possible that your insurance company could subrogate against the neighbor’s home insurance company to get your deductible back.)

5. Do I really need to take a home inventory?

It’s definitely a good idea to take a home inventory (which is basically a list of all your belongings, room by room.) First of all, it’ll help you know that you have enough home insurance to cover all of your belongings. Your inventory will also help if you have to file a home insurance claim because you’ll know exactly what needs to be replaced. And you’ll also have a bit more proof for your insurance company that you’ve lost what you’ve said you’ve lost. (Insurance fraud is a big deal.)

6. If my iPod is stolen from my car, is it covered by home insurance or car insurance?

Well … neither.

Most home insurance and auto insurance policies specifically exclude sound transmitting equipment (yes, including iPods) that are used in cars. So, if your iPod or sound equipment gets swiped from your car…unfortunately you might be out of luck. (You may, however, be able to add extra coverage to cover this sort of loss, but you’d have to talk to your agent to find a solution.)

7. How much home insurance do I need?

Ideally, you should have enough Atlanta home insurance to completely rebuild your home from the ground up, cover all of your personal belongings, and cover your liability. When you’re getting home insurance, it’s important to make sure that your limits of coverage are high enough to fully protect you from a loss.

These are some common questions about home insurance with convenient answers in bite-sized form. As always, it’s important to read your home insurance policy carefully to find out what it will cover and how it will protect you. And ask questions if you need to – questions are great!

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