Does home insurance cover hail damage?

Home insurance may cover hail damage.

While hail might seem like a strange phenomenon, it can happen – even in the middle of summer. (It doesn’t seem to make sense, but it happens.) Hail can cause damage to your home as it pelts against the roof and the siding. Since you can’t exactly put a protective bubble around your house to make sure the hail bounces off harmlessly, you might be wondering about another line of protection for your Atlanta home: home insurance. Does home insurance cover hail damage? We’ll explain.

Does home insurance cover hail damage?

Typically, home insurance includes coverage for certain types of damage caused by storms. That can mean things like wind damage, lightning, falling trees, and yes – hail. Your home insurance policy may include coverage for hail damage, but, of course, it’s important to read through your policy to see what is and isn’t covered. It’s also important to know how much coverage you have for your dwelling, your belongings, and so on. (Yes, your policy might look intimidating, but the time you spend reading through it and familiarizing yourself with your coverage is time well spent.)

Home insurance can also include coverage if the roof or wall is damaged due to wind and allows wind-driven rain, hail, or snow to get inside.

Remember, though, that there is your home insurance deductible to consider. Your deductible is the amount you agree to pay if you have a claim – basically you pay your deductible and insurance covers the rest up to your policy’s limit. Anyways, it’s important to find out what your deductible would be if you have a hail damage claim.

What type of storm damage is NOT covered?

Home insurance covers lots of things, but it doesn’t cover everything. As far as storms and disasters go, it’s important to note a few losses that are not covered by home insurance.


Flooding is generally not covered by home insurance. Whether the flood was caused by a heavy rainstorm or a river bursting its banks, it’s not covered. That doesn’t mean, however, that you can’t protect your home from flooding. You just need to get a flood insurance policy and make sure that you have coverage for both your dwelling and your personal belongings.


Earthquakes and earth movement are also generally excluded from home insurance coverage.

Why it’s important to take a home inventory.

When you’re filing a home insurance claim, it can really help to have some current pictures of your home. That way it’s easier to see what kind of damage was caused by something like, say, a hail storm. So, don’t be shy – this is your home’s big moment! Have a photo shoot and snap pics of the exterior of your house.

It’s also important to remember to document your belongings as well. To take an inventory of your personal belongings, go room to room and write down a list of what’s there. And again, take pictures. That can help you make sure you’re not missing anything. Having an inventory can make things easier if you ever have to file a claim, so the best time to take your home inventory is, well, before you have a claim.

In other words – try not to procrastinate!

So, hail damage can be covered by home insurance, which typically includes various coverages for storm damage. But as always, it’s important to read through your policy to make sure you have the coverage you need to protect your home if life throws a curveball – or hail storm – your way.

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