6 tips for getting great online reviews

Get great online reviewsTraditional marketing can sometimes seem impersonal or kitschy. It seems much more genuine if a potential customer hears a glowing review about your business from someone with first-hand experience. These referrals used to only happen by a customer telling someone that they knew personally. However, now that we have the internet, there are tons of ways that a customer can get the word out about your company – good or bad. The most popular way is through online reviews. So, how can you make sure your customers give you great online reviews to boost your business? Find out here.

6 tips for getting great online reviews

1. Focus on providing great customer service

If you provide the best customer service you can, people can’t help but want to spread the news! So, if you sell a product, create a rigorous quality control process so that the product can last as long as the customer needs it. Back up your product with a warranty or with a great customer service team that can address any concerns that come up.

If you provide a service, make sure your team is polite, resourceful, and helpful. Actively listen when determining the needs of your customers. Be transparent and helpful when things are going well. Be responsive and show your client that you’ll go above and beyond to help if they have an issue. You’d be surprised at how much someone can change their impression of you if their problem is handled with great care.

2. Just ask!

In general, the best way to get anything is to ask for it. So, ask for the reviews you deserve! There will be a few people who just can’t keep word about you to themselves, but a majority of customers will leave with a smile and continue about their day. Remind them to tell a friend (or the internet) by asking for an online review.

3. Make sure your review process is straightforward

Just as you’re busy running a bustling business, your customers are busy leading their own lives and running through their days. So, they may forget to specifically search for your company to leave a review. Instead, make it as easy as possible for them to leave a review. Email them asking to rate you five stars on Google, but actually include a link that puts them on Google’s review form with five stars. Try including a QR code on your business card or somewhere visible within your building. Then, people can simply snap a photo with a QR reader to leave a review.

If you’re using a phone survey or a proprietary questionnaire, make sure it’s short, sweet, and to the point. People don’t usually have the time or want the hassle of dealing with a drawn-out survey. So, make it easy for them to get in, give their feedback, and get out.

4. Be consistent

Decide on the review platform or platforms that work for people to find your business, and stick with it. Make a habit of asking for reviews somewhere in your sales process. If your customers allow you to contact them after you’ve provided their service, include an automated system that asks them for a review. (Just don’t be pushy.)

5. Consider different platforms

Different types of clients find the services they need in different ways. So, if you get a new client, ask how they found you. If you hear a lot of the same answer, consider asking for feedback on that particular platform going forward. An easy review platform to start with is Google, but your particular industry might have more success with Yelp or Facebook or Angie’s List or the Better Business Bureau. Just find out what works for you and focus on the platform that can benefit you the most.

6. Engage with your reviews

One way to get more online reviews is to show customers that their feedback really matters. So, if you spy new reviews, thank your customer for taking the time to provide feedback. If you see low ratings or issues that people are reporting, respond asking to contact them and resolve the issue. Take reasonable feedback into account to better your business for a grumpy client or any new customers. That way, you have a clearer idea of how to grow and improve your customer service.

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