10 fall home maintenance tips to prepare your Atlanta house for winter

Prepare your home for winter with fall home maintenance.

Fall in Atlanta is a great time to get some home maintenance done. Okay, truthfully our winters may not be as harsh as in other areas of the country, but still, it’s important to strengthen your home before the winter and do some fall home maintenance. Cold weather and maybe – yikes – snow is really hard on a house. We might want to think our home is an indestructible Super House, but that’s (unfortunately) not true. We’re going to go over several home maintenance tasks so you can prepare your home for winter.

Fall home maintenance tips.

1. Look after your roof.

Have your roof inspected. Replace loose or broken shingles. Your roof is your home’s first line of defense against weather – kind of like a super fancy helmet. A helmet with cracks or holes in it isn’t super effective, right? And besides, your roof affects your home insurance rates.

2. Check the caulking around your doors and windows.

The caulking around the doors and windows serves as a seal against the weather. The delightful, cozy warm air inside your house can leak out of the home. That makes your heating system work harder. Repairing any caulking that needs it can help you keep your home nice and toasty – and it will make your home more energy efficient (and thus lower your heating bill.) Take some time to inspect your caulking and make necessary repairs.

3. Maintain your heating system.

Enlist the services of a trustworthy technician and have them check over your furnace and your heating system. It’s better to find out about a problem before the temperatures get super cold. Otherwise, you might find yourself with your teeth chattering as you shiver and wait for someone to fix the heat…when they’re available. By getting a maintenance check of your heating, you can make sure that your home will stay nice and warm all winter.

4. Put away garden hoses.

Before you put away any outdoor garden hoses, make sure to drain them of water. If there’s water in the hose and it freezes, you hose will probably be toast. And that would be a real drag to have to replace your hose first thing in the spring when you go to water the plants.

5. Clean the gutters and downspouts.

Yep, we know that gutters are gross. Cleaning the gutters is on no one’s “favorite things to do” list. But it’s got to be done. Leaves and debris are problematic because they can block water that needs to escape. That water can cause damage to your home because it builds up and just sits there. Before the rainy, gross weather of Atlanta winter hits, clean out the gutters.

Cleaning the gutters is a part of fall home maintenance.

6. Take care of your trees.

If there are any tree branches that are getting too close to the house, you might want to have them trimmed before they crash-land into your house. Dead trees aren’t stable and they can fall easily, so you should also have any dead or diseased trees removed. Though most likely your home insurance covers fallen trees, it’s best to not have to deal with it at all.

7. Get your chimney checked.

Who doesn’t love a warm, crackling fire in the fireplace in the winter? It’s great. But it’s a good idea to get your chimney inspected or cleaned before you start a fire in the fireplace this winter. And the best time to do that is in the fall before there’s a huge upswing in demand for these services. Chimney-cleaning businesses get super busy in the winter, as you can imagine, so you’ll have much less hassle scheduling an appointment earlier in the fall.

8. Prevent your pipes from freezing.

Pipes that are exposed to cold temperatures can freeze if the weather gets cold enough. You may want to go ahead and add preemptive insulation to your pipes to prevent them from freezing when the temperatures drop.

9. Check your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.

Make sure that you’re regularly checking your smoke detectors. The batteries also need to be changed at least once a year. Winter is the prime time for electrical fires, so it’s important to make sure that your smoke detectors can do their job. There should be at least one smoke detector on every floor and preferably one outside each bedroom.

10. Look over the outside of your home.

As part of your fall home maintenance routine, take a minute to walk around your home. Look at the roof, the siding, and foundation. Look at your driveway, your porch and steps, your walkway. Make sure to repair any areas that need to be repaired while the weather is still decent.

The winter can really put a beating on your home. By taking the time to put some TLC into your house and do some fall home maintenance, you can help it stand up better to the cold, rain, and maybe snow. Your house endures a lot. Take time this fall to baby it a little.

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