Tips for car insurance when you get married

You can combine car insurance when you get married.

So, you’re getting married! That’s great – congratulations! There’s so much to look forward to and so much happiness in your future. In getting swept away in all of the wedding plans, you’ve been off in your own little world. As you should be! But then something brought you back down to earth with a thud – Atlanta car insurance. You both have vehicles and you both have insurance. But when you get married, what’s the best battle plan? What should you do? We’ll explain what the scoop is with car insurance for newlyweds.

Consider combining car insurance.

When you get married, you can combine car insurance with your spouse and go on to the same policy. Combining your car insurance could be especially beneficial if you both have good driving records. There are a few good reasons that you might want to do this – and a few cool tricks that your car insurance could do. We’ll explain.

Look into discounts.

First, if you’re married and have more than one car on your policy, you could qualify for a multi-vehicle discount. Yep – we said discount! Car insurance discounts are great because they basically lower your rate just for meeting certain criteria – like having multiple cars on one policy. You and your spouse could see some savings just by taking advantage of this discount, which many carriers offer.

Second, if you combine your car insurance you could also consider bundling your home insurance and auto insurance (or renter’s insurance and auto insurance if you’re in an apartment or rented house.) Bundling means that you’re getting more than one type of insurance from the same carrier. And insurance companies like bundling so much that they’ll usually throw a discount your way. The discount can be significant enough to make a difference in your rates, but you should still shop around for multiple quotes to make sure that bundling is the best option for you.

(Besides, getting married in and of itself can actually lower your rates – married drivers are seen as being less risky drivers.)

Get Atlanta car insurance quotes.

Okay. So, you’ve decided that the best way to go is probably going to be combining your auto insurance and trying to score some discounts with your newly-married status. But what’s the best strategy from there?

Well, you can look into getting quotes. Find out how much your car insurance would cost if you and your spouse went under one policy. Then you can take a look at the coverage options and the price and evaluate which is going to be the best choice for you as a couple.

If you think there might be better options out there, you can continue to get quotes and see what’s going to work out best. Our team of agents can help you get car insurance quotes, compare coverages, and save money. We also like to make insurance easy. Get started with your Atlanta car insurance quotes by filling out our online form or giving us a call today.

Compare the different options.

Remember to compare apples to apples when you’re looking at insurance policies and doing your shopping. (By that we mean that you’re comparing coverages, limits, deductibles and so on along with the price.) Look at what the policy is actually offering, not just the price tag. One option might be slightly more expensive but offer better coverage.

Getting married can really help your car insurance situation if you combine policies and take advantage of discounts. If both you and your spouse have good driving records, you could stand to save quite a bit on your auto insurance. You can also consider bundling your auto insurance with your home or renters insurance. At any rate, be sure to get some quotes and find out what the best plan is for you and your new significant other.

We can help you get great car insurance at a great rate, and we can help you decode the sometimes-strange language that is Atlanta car insurance. Our agents can get you quotes for car insurance so you can compare coverages and pricing. Get in touch with us by filling out our online quote form or giving us a call today.