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Are you looking for the lowest price on Atlanta auto insurance and car insurance?

One of the best ways to save money on a new Atlanta auto insurance
policy is to properly manage your deductible. The higher your
deductible the less your monthly auto insurance payment. Our agents
will help you determine the best deductible based on your driving habits
and amount of deductible you are comfortable with.

Did you know that the Atlanta Regional Commission estimates that a
traffic accident takes place in the Metro Atlanta Area every 2.8
minutes costing the region nearly $5 billion a year?

Atlanta can be a very costly place to insure your car and that is why
you need an Atlanta Insurance Agent to help you find a great deal.

We advocate safe driving as a means to not only saving lives but also
lowering your insurance premiums. Avoiding accidents and having a clean
driving record is the single best way to save money on your Atlanta car insurance policy.  In addition to safe driving, we have compiled a list of even more ways to save:

Compare Atlanta Auto Insurance Quotes

Not all insurance agencies are the same. The rates can vary
substantially from one insurance carrier to the next. At Atlanta
Insurance we work with the nation’s top insurance carriers to make sure
you get the best auto coverage at the best rate.

Start shopping Now for Atlanta Car Insurance

Begin shopping for a new auto insurance policy before your current
policy comes time for renewal.  Quite a few insurance carriers provide
an early shopper discount that can save you a bundle.  Cheap auto
insurance in Atlanta does not necessarily mean cheap coverage.  Get a
fast free auto insurance quote by filling out the form above and find
out how much you could save.

Talk to your Atlanta Insurance Agent before you buy a new car

The car you choose could have either a high or low insurance rate.
Give one of our agents a call, even while you are at the dealership and
we will let you know what to expect on your auto insurance premium.

Take advantage of all insurance discounts available

Low mileage, good grades, good credit, and other factors may qualify
you for a discount. Many insurers provide a discount of up to 15% for
teenage drivers with a B average or higher in school. Some also offer a
5% to 10% discount for policyholders who take a defensive driving
course. Your agent at Atlanta Insurance can tell you if there are any
discounts that would apply to you.

Give us a call or fill out the form above for a quick and free Atlanta auto insurance quote!