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Atlanta Insurance Blog

Do you need insurance for your home-based business?

How do I insure my home-based business?

You’ve decided to start that business that you’ve dreamed about for years. It’s a small business based out of your home. You’re doing what you love and you’re ecstatic to get started. Everything’s all set and ready to go…except the insurance. How are you going to insure your home-based business? The truth of the matter … Read more

How to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning

You know it’s your job to protect your family. You do everything you can to keep your loved ones safe, but there’s a threat that you might not have considered because it’s completely invisible. It’s colorless, tasteless, and odorless. We’re talking about carbon monoxide (kind of like carbon dioxide, but with one less oxygen atom.) … Read more

Car insurance: Collision coverage vs. comprehensive coverage for your car

What kind of coverage does your car have? Do you know what your auto insurance does and does not cover? A car is a pretty big investment…perhaps second only to the insurance! Insurance can get confusing, especially when it comes to vehicles. Today we tackle several questions relating to the car portion of your car … Read more

Make sure that your college student is properly insured.

How to make sure your college student is properly insured

The moment has arrived. Your baby is headed off to college. They’re all grown up and ready to venture into the world. They’ll be moving out for the first time. You know that it’s time for them to spread their wings. And you’ve got a lot on your mind, too, with your student heading off … Read more

Childproofing the home is essential for keeping kids safe.

The childproofing jackpot: 17 helpful tips for parents to keep kids safe

As a parent, you know it’s your responsibility to keep your child safe. They count on you to chase away the monsters under the bed, but they also need you to protect them from very real dangers around the house. You want your home to be a safe, loving place for your children, so it’s … Read more

Do you know what exclusions your home insurance has?

You need to know these 10 home insurance exclusions

How well do you know your home insurance policy? Are you best buddies, or casual acquaintances that only talk when they need something from each other? The reason that we ask is that it’s important that you’re familiar with your policy. See, there are these things called exclusions, meaning things that aren’t covered by the … Read more

Umbrella insurance provides additional coverage.

What is personal umbrella liability insurance and why should you consider it?

You know how important it is to be insured. You have home insurance and car insurance. You’re happy with your coverage and your premiums. But have you ever considered if your limits of coverage on those liability policies are enough? What if there comes a day when you have a claim that blows those limits … Read more

Do you know how much home insurance you need?

How much home insurance do I need?

Your Atlanta home is one of your greatest assets. A house is a big investment, but we know that it’s more than that. Your house is your home, your shelter. Sure, you might have the occasional maintenance issue, but you wouldn’t trade it for anything. And to protect your home, you need to make sure … Read more

Perils of the rainy season: Summertime severe thunderstorm safety

Summer is prime time for severe thunderstorms. Hot and humid weather often contributes to the formation of storms. Hmm…hot and humid? Sounds like Atlanta, right? Severe thunderstorms can be terrifying, with the torrential rain and cracks of thunder that can shake a house. Only about 10% of thunderstorms are declared “severe,” but if they are … Read more

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