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Finding home insurance in Mableton might seem like a completely overwhelming task. Finding cheap Mableton home insurance probably feels even more so. It can be hard to know where to start with getting the home insurance you need to protect your home. You might even be procrastinating shopping for home insurance because you’re worried about the stress of the process. But when you work with our Atlanta Insurance team, you don’t have to worry about getting stressed out because we’re pros at making insurance easy.

We can help you get the Mableton home insurance that you’ve been looking for, and we’ll also help you find a great rate for that insurance. We know that you’re not looking to break the bank. And we know that you’re a very busy person, so we’ll get you multiple home insurance quotes in Mableton. And since we fully believe in giving all of our clients peace of mind, you can feel free to throw your trickiest home insurance questions our way - we’re here to help in any way we can.

Quick Facts About Mableton:






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Fun facts about Mableton, Georgia:

Mableton was incorporated in 1912, but it was promptly disincorporated by 1916.

Mableton is the largest unincorporated area in metro-Atlanta.

In December 1881, the Southern Railway opened a station there.

The community was named after Robert Mable, who bought about 300 acres of land in 1843.

Roy Barnes, Georgia’s governor from 1999-2003, is from Mableton.

How much does Mableton home insurance cost? That depends on a few factors:

The value of your home: The higher the value of your home, the more it will cost to insure it.

How much it would cost to rebuild your home: If your home was destroyed in a fire, you would need enough insurance to completely rebuild it from the ground up. That means insuring your home for its replacement cost.

What the crime rate is for your area: If your area has a higher crime rate, you may end up paying more for your insurance.

How close your home is to a fire station: The closer you are to the fire department, the faster emergency services could respond to a fire. That means that your home would end up suffering less damage. So, you may get lower home insurance premiums the closer you are to a fire station.

Zip code: The zip code for Mableton is 30126.

How can Atlanta Insurance help you save money on your home insurance?

Since every home is different, everyone needs a unique insurance plan that’s customized to their home and situation. We want you to have some peace of mind knowing that your home is fully protected, so we’ll take the time to talk to you and understand your home insurance needs. We’ll also help you save money on your rates by helping you shop. We can get you Mableton home insurance quotes from some of the top carriers in the nation.

We can also check and see if you might be able to get any discounts on your home insurance - discounts are an easy way to save money. If you’re interested, we can even help you bundle your home insurance and auto insurance so that you can save even more money. We’re here for you, so you won’t have to worry about the insurance process being frustrating. All you have to do to get Mableton home insurance quotes is fill out our online form or give us a call today.


*Data updated from publicly available records June 2019.


Need home insurance? We can help get you save money and get multiple quotes.

Things to do in Mableton:

  • Mable House
  • Heritage Park
  • Six Flags Over Georgia
  • Silver Comet Trail
  • SunTrust Park

Looking to move to Mableton? These are some of the top employers in the area.

  • The Home Depot
  • Cobb County Schools
  • WellStar
  • Lockhead Martin
  • Kennesaw State University

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