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Are you looking for home insurance in Kennesaw?

If so, you might be wondering how to get cheap Kennesaw home insurance.

Do you know how much home insurance you need?

We can help you protect your home with home insurance.

The task of getting home insurance might seem overwhelming. It can be hard to know where to start, and finding affordable home insurance that will completely protect your home might feel impossible. But the good news is that Atlanta Insurance is here to help you with your insurance shopping. We’re here to make the process of getting home insurance as smooth as possible. Our agents are professionals at helping people gain peace of mind by getting them the home insurance they need at the best possible rate.

The words “home” and “insurance” put together may strike fear into your heart, but our goal is to make insurance easy. It’s what we do - we strive to be a true insurance partner to every client, and that means that we’re here to help with any of your insurance needs. Bring on the questions! Our goal is to set your mind at ease and take the stress out of insurance.

Quick Facts About Kennesaw:






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Fun facts about Kennesaw, Georgia:

The Great Locomotive Chase of the Civil War started in Kennesaw.

Kennesaw was once known as Big Shanty.

The town was officially incorporated in 1887.

The name comes from the Cherokee word for cemetery or burial ground.

Kennesaw Mountain is the highest elevation in the Atlanta area at 1,808 ft above sea level.

How much does Kennesaw home insurance cost? That depends on a few factors:

The value of your home: As you can imagine, the more your home is worth, the more it will cost to insure.

How much it would cost to rebuild your home: It’s important to have enough home insurance to completely rebuild your home, including cleanup and construction, if it were destroyed in a fire. It’s not just the value of the home you’re looking at. A factor in the reconstruction cost of your home is the material that your home it made of.

What the crime rate is for your area: The higher the crime rate is, the greater chance that you will face a loss. That means your insurance premiums might be higher.

Zip code: Kennesaw zip codes are 30144 and 30152.


*Data updated from publicly available records June 2019.

How can Atlanta Insurance help you save money on your home insurance?

Helping homeowners get the coverage they need to protect their houses at an affordable rate is what our team of agents do best. We’ve got plenty of experience, and we can help you shop for a great rate for your insurance - we know you don’t want to empty your piggy bank to get insurance, and shopping around for rates is one of the best ways to ensure maximum savings.

We can get you some quotes from some of the top carriers in the nation. And we’ll also check to see if you qualify for any home insurance discounts, which are always a pleasant surprise! If you’d like, we can even look into bundling your home insurance and auto insurance to help you earn even more savings.


Need home insurance? We can help get you save money and get multiple quotes.

Things to do in Kennesaw:

  • Kennesaw Mountain National Battlefield Park
  • Swift-Cantrell Park
  • Southern Museum of Civil War and Locomotive History
  • Smith Gilbert Gardens
  • Noonday Creek Trails

Looking to move to Kennesaw? These are the top employers in the city.

  • The Home Depot
  • Cobb County Schools
  • WellStar
  • Lockhead Martin
  • Kennesaw State University

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