Top 10 Ways to Reduce Your Home Owners Insurance Premiums

Save money on Atlanta home insurance

Home Owners Insurance

Today’s economy has us searching for ways to save money on everything including bills- even your home owners insurance. Fortunately, we are here to help you with that. Not only do we have great rates for you, but we offer (and don’t hide) some fantastic discounts that you may be eligible for.

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Protecting your nestegg with home insurance

Save on your Atlanta home insurance and protect your future

Protecting your home with homeowners insurance, or home owners insurance, means more than just protecting your house.

Atlanta house insurance is designed to protect your belongings inside your home as well. Your house is more than just the structure, and the smart homeowner knows to protect it adequately with house insurance from Atlanta Insurance.

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Umbrellas, dogs, and your home insurance. What do they have in common?

Atlanta home insurance quotes

Here are some statistics regarding your dog and your home insurance:

More than 4.7 million dogs bite victims each year in the U.S., which is about 2% of the American population, concludes the CDC. Almost 800,000 people are bitten per year, and one in 6 are enough to seek medical attention.

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How do I lower my electric bill?

Save money on electricity bill - pro tips

Atlanta Homeowners Can Save Up To 20%

If you live in a typical Atlanta area home, chances are your appliances and home electronics are responsible for about 20 percent of your energy bills. Here are some ways you can reduce electricity use in your home and save money.

High Energy Appliances

The following is a list of appliances that generally use up a lot of electricity.

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Average home insurance cost

What is the average range for homeowners insurance in Atlanta with a house valued at $200k?

It is a fair question but a complicated answer.  There are a lot of factors to consider.  Your credit score, zip code, deductible chosen, and whether you will be combining it with your auto insurance policy all play an important role in determining the cost of home insurance.  No insurance company likes to give

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